Advanced training seminar for BPP Experts in Pullach

The sun was rare this weekend, but instead it rained almost continuously in Pullach near Munich when eight BPP examiners gathered for a further training seminar at the "Hotel Seitnerhof" on 21 and 22 July.

The two lecturers, President Christian Geigle and Vice President Dr. Peter Provinsky, galloped with them through the newly created "Auditor's Handbook" with its many regulations, in which the BPP regulates the work of its members, their relationship among themselves and their duties towards the association.

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Two winners of the Köhler Prize away

At the end of 2017, two important philatelists of the 20th century passed away: Paolo Vollmeier (died November 30,2017) and Zbigniew Mikulski (died December 28,2017). Both were winners of the Köhler Prize (in 2002 and 2000) and were among the most important philatelists of the last decades. Numerous publications, extensive expertise and an international reputation have distinguished them both. We will honor their memory.

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Urs Hermann terminates his expertizing at the BPP

Urs Hermann from Liestal/Switzerland, on his own request, will be ending his BPP expertizing activities in the area "Switzerland 1850 - 1883" on the 31.12.2017. We would like to thank Urs Hermann for 14 years of successful work in our association and wish him all the best. He will continue to work for the Swiss Experts Association SBPV.

Tilo Rismondo passed away

Unfortunately, we have to announce the death of our senior member Tilo Rismondo, who died a few days ago at the age of 78 years. Mr. Rismondo became a member of the BPP in 1990 in the course of the reunification and has since then worked with great passion and expertise in the areas "Saxony" and "Austria". A sudden serious illness forced him to give up his expertizing activities in February 2017. He was also unable to attend this year's general meeting. We would like to thank Tilo Rismondo for 27 years of successful work in the BPP, as an expert and valued colleague, and we will honour his memory. Our sympathy goes out to his wife and family.

Hans-Hermann Paetow passed away

Hans-Hermann Paetow, former BPP-Expert for the Generalgouvernement and Bohemia and Moravia, died at the age of 85 years. Mr. Paetow became a member of the BPP in 1992 and was an acknowledged and globally respected expert in his expertizing areas until his retirement in 2008. In the later years he remained closely connected to the BPP as a senior member. The BPP will keep its memory in honor. Our compassion applies to his family.

Andreas Schlegel, Berlin,

expertizations for the area Bizone Mi.-Nr. 1-35 are only carried out on request

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