New address of the expertising office of Hans-Dieter Schlegel from 28.10.2013

Hans-Dieter Schlegel, Berkaer Str. 44, 14199 Berlin

Tel. 030 8813418, Fax 030 88550975, Email


Termination of membership in the BPP on 31.12.2013

On 31.12.2013, ordinary membership of the BPP will end for

  • Dr Jobst of Heintze (expertising area SBZ local handstamps, Districts 16, 36, 37 and 38).
  • Günter Lieder (expertising area SBZ local handstamps, Districts 37 and 38).
  • Peter Marxer (Liechtenstein expertising area) and
  • Horst K. Schmidl (expertising area se-tenant, booklet and coil stamps of Berlin and the Federal Republic).

We thank them for their long-standing and successful activities.

Mr Till Neumann, Bremen,

is suspending his expertising activity from 01.10.2013 until at least October 2014. Mr Claus Heitmann is available for the expertising area of Bremen.

Three presidents in one fell swoop!

In the recent special issue "People of Philately" you will find among the nineteen portraits those of the Honorary Presidents Günter Bechtold and Dr Hans-Karl Penning as well as the current President Christian Geigle. Four more personalities are there with Wolfgang Jakubek, Karl Louis, Roland Meiners and Andreas Schlegel who are members of the BPP. The large presence and importance of the BPP in German philately is again evident here. Below are the "president portraits" as a download.

How to become a BPP expertiser - DBZ article series

The DBZ featured a three-part series of articles, "How to become a BPP expertiser" in detail regarding joining the Federation in several stages, as well as the status of the Federation. You can download the full series of articles here.

Volume 5 of the BPP series is published

Gunnar Gruber: Die Oppelner Notausgabe, Volume 5 in the BPP book series, Radolfzell 2013, hardbound, coloured title, 150 gsm art paper, 170 pages, many coloured and partly black and white illustrations, price 56 euros plus 4 euros shipping costs (domestic; overseas according to delivery method) (more information)

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