BPP Website available in English now!

Increasing web traffic with access from all over the world indicates that the BPP is very well known internationally.
"An English speaking version of our homepage is mandatory", the IT expert of the association, Tobias Huylmans, said in Nürnberg at the general meeting 2014.
The translation work has now been completed, and the results speak for themselves. Clients all over the world will not miss anything or do they? "Maybe we will create a French version some day", Huylmans said during the presentation. Right now, he needs a break.

The BPP at the fair in Sindelfingen

The Bund Philatelistischer Prüfer eV. (BPP) will be represented at the Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen with its own booth.

A top-class level of philatelic experts will be available on all three days to consult provide valuable help and concerning stamps and expertizing.

All advice services are free of charge. Please do understand that complete expertizations of your stamps can not be made at the show.
From Thursday to Saturday Mr. Josef Bauer, Udo Fleiner, Gunnar Gruber and Rolf Tworek will be at the BPP booth. Friday and Saturday Hans-Dieter Schlegel from Berlin will join them and on Saturday Detlef Pfeiffer will be available additionally.

Lars Böttger, Beaufort,

has a new telephone number: 00352 691 340 755

Till Neumann, Bremen,

is continuing his expertizing service from the 1st. of October 2015 on.


On 26–27 July 2014 heads were spinning at Pullach near Munich: the BPP invited eight new expertisers who had completed their expertisation exams in 2013 and 2014 to their first training seminar.

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Tobias Huylmans with new address from the 10th of July on

Tobias Huylmans
Spiegelbergstrasse 33
55283 Nierstein


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