Mr Jean-Claude Marchand, Geneva,

has a new email address:

Dr. Raymond Goebel, Luxembourg

Dr. Raymond Goebel, expertising areas France – prephilately, France – 1849-1900, France – general colonial is suspending his expertising activities until further notice.

Prof. Dr. Udo E. Klein, Wilnsdorf

Our long-standing member Prof. Dr. Udo E. Klein died on 2 November in his 83rd year.

From 1992 until reaching retirement age in 2007 Professor Klein was an expertiser for the territories of Estonia, Lithuania, Memel and Marienwerder.

We will remember him as a great expert in these collecting areas.

Mr Karl-Albert Louis, Wiesbaden

Expertising area: Great Britain Michel Nos. 1 -101 (without official stamps)

For professional reasons, expertising activity is suspended until 01.11.2016.

Gold award at the ROSSICA international literature exhibition

At the ROSSICA international literature exhibition, which was held from 27 to 29 October 2014 by the Russian Academy of Philately in Moscow, the book published as Volume 6 of our series "Die Gebührenzettel von Freudenstadt" (transl. "The Postage Fee Labels of Freudenstadt") by our Honorary President Dr Hans-Karl Penning was awarded "Large Gold".

The Board of Directors and members of the BPP warmly congratulate their Honorary President on this outstanding result.

Mr Till Neumann, Bremen,

extends the suspension of his expertising activity until 30.09.2015.

Mr Claus Heitmann is available for the expertising area of Bremen.

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