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Dr. Helmut P. Oechsner, Nuremberg,

will stop expertizing the following areas after the 31st of December 2015: Inflation period (German Empire Mi. 98-337, D 16 to 98, Frankfurt, Langenschwalbach, Mecklenburg, Stuhm, Wiesbaden and Erlenhof). All other areas will be continued to be expertized by Dr. Oechsner.


Hans-Dieter Schlegel, Berlin

Hans-Dieter Schlegel has announced that he will no longer be working on the Allied Control Council expertizing area with immediate effect and requests that future

Extensions to the expertizing areas:

Prof. Dr. Faycal El Majdoub Expertizing area: German occupation issues 1939/45 Donation vignettes/private issues Dr. Johannes Hoffner Expertizing area: Switzerland from 1907 (from Michel No.