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Large crowds at the booth of the BPP in Munich

The stamp fair in Munich from 6 to 8 March 2014 offered many interested people the opportunity at the BPP expertisers’ stand to obtain information and advice on all matters concerning expertising. A total of ten (!) expertisers and were kept very busy.

Franz Stegmüller recorded no fewer than 236 consultations over the three days. “Both collectors and dealers come to us with a wide variety of questions and requests. You can see that many interested people made careful preparations for this beforehand.” BPP chief Christian Geigle, who this year was not at the stand, added: “There is no substitute for the personal contact between the visitors and the BPP expertisers. For many, a visit to the expertisers’ stand was an integral part of their day.”

Offering services free of charge were: Peter Darmietzel, Dr Gertlieb Gmach, Arnold Goller, Claus Heitmann, Roland Pieles, Johann Ulrich Schmitt, Peter Sem, Rüdiger Soecknick, Franz Sangani and Dieter Weinbuch. A “thank you” to them all.


Hans-Dieter Schlegel, Berlin

Hans-Dieter Schlegel has announced that he will no longer be working on the Allied Control Council expertizing area with immediate effect and requests that future

Extensions to the expertizing areas:

Prof. Dr. Faycal El Majdoub Expertizing area: German occupation issues 1939/45 Donation vignettes/private issues Dr. Johannes Hoffner Expertizing area: Switzerland from 1907 (from Michel No.