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Large crowds at the BPP stand at Sindelfingen

The BPP expertisers’ federation can report a very successful attendance at the stamp fair at Sindelfingen, which took place from 25 to 27 October 2012. The experts had their advice stand immediately next to the entrance to the exhibition hall and most visitors, as in previous years, had in mind the question “genuine or forged”.

The crowd was accordingly large: the BPP fair organiser, Rolf Tworek, spoke of “several hundred consultations”, conducted in three days by the nine experts present. A highlight was certainly the presence of Hans-Dieter Schlegel of Berlin on the Friday and Saturday; he was constantly busy giving information to the visitors and examining their treasures.

BPP President Geigle is quite sure that the new “old” location in the midst of the business activity is ideal for visitors, but also for the dealers present. Only happy faces were to be seen at the end of the event. A development with a future!

Messrs. Fleiner, Geigle, Gruber, Dr Oechsner, Dr Penning, Pfeiffer, Sem, Hans-Dieter Schlegel and Tworek acted for the BPP. A big ‘thank you’ to all!


Dr. Heister suspended

The board of the BPP has suspended the expertizing activities of Dr. Knut Heister (Excpert area: Venezuela) at the BPP with immediate effect until 31.12.2020

BPP Expert wanted!

As a specialized collector, have you ever toyed with the idea of using your knowledge to be an stamp expert? Or have you ever been annoyed by an expert and thought: what he can do, I can do at least as well!

Advanced training seminar for BPP Experts in Pullach

The sun was rare this weekend, but instead it rained almost continuously in Pullach near Munich when eight BPP examiners gathered for a further training seminar at the “Hotel Seitnerhof” on 21 and 22 July.

The two lecturers, President Christian Geigle and Vice President Dr. Peter Provinsky, galloped with them through the newly created “Auditor’s Handbook” with its many regulations, in which the BPP regulates the work of its members, their relationship among themselves and their duties towards the association.