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New winners of the “Fritz Heimbüchler Award”

On the occasion of the festive evening of Munich Stamp Club eV on 30 November 2015 Fritz Heimbüchler (left) handed over the Award initiated by him to three well known philatelists: the experienced BPP Examiners Maria Brettl and Franz Stegmüller as well as Aleksander Predojevic (right). Congratulations on this outstanding award.


Hans-Dieter Schlegel, Berlin

Hans-Dieter Schlegel has announced that he will no longer be working on the Allied Control Council expertizing area with immediate effect and requests that future

Extensions to the expertizing areas:

Prof. Dr. Faycal El Majdoub Expertizing area: German occupation issues 1939/45 Donation vignettes/private issues Dr. Johannes Hoffner Expertizing area: Switzerland from 1907 (from Michel No.