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Termination of expertization by the end of 2015

Three longstanding members of the BPP will quit their experting work by the end of 2015:

Dr. Raymond Goebel (France)
Berend Hey (German occupation issues 1914-1918)
Bernd Meyer (German inflation issues)

The Management Board and the members of the BPP thank the retiring colleagues for their many years of successful expertizing and wish them all the best for the future.


Hans-Dieter Schlegel, Berlin

Hans-Dieter Schlegel has announced that he will no longer be working on the Allied Control Council expertizing area with immediate effect and requests that future

Extensions to the expertizing areas:

Prof. Dr. Faycal El Majdoub Expertizing area: German occupation issues 1939/45 Donation vignettes/private issues Dr. Johannes Hoffner Expertizing area: Switzerland from 1907 (from Michel No.