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Supplement to the expertising rules

for the expertising area of the German Reich, Michel nos. 53-97 (including the related se-tenant stamps and postal stationery)

The following rules change or supplement the currently valid version of the BPP expertising rules.

1. Expertisation

In the case of used stamps with colour shades that clearly show divergent quartz reactions under UV light, due to chemical changes, water additions or other changes, “verwaschen” (= washed out) will be written by hand on the back of the stamp. In addition, the colour identification for low value stamps, that are marked on the lower edge of the stamp without a named expertising mark, will be placed higher up, towards the middle of the stamp. With better stamps, which receive the named expertising mark in its unchanged state, this is omitted and only the colour identification is applied to the bottom of the stamp.

Extreme colour changes are marked as “faked”.

The war and propaganda forgery Michel No. 4 (the so-called espionage forgery) in unused condition is “signed” as a normal stamp with the additional designation “Pfä”.

In the case of unused sheets of low value stamps – insofar as they are typical colour shades – the so-called “sheet expertising” may also be done, that is, the corner blocks of four, upper marginal stamps and stamps with HAN will be given a colour- and type identification. Otherwise, all stamps of (part-) sheets will be “signed”.

2. Quality

Some issues of this expertising area were issued with particular forms of perforation (the ‘B’ perforation of Michel Nos. 78-81), on special papers (Michel Nos. 89 y and 91y) or were issued under difficult conditions of production (war printings). Items which show production-related features (such as slightly blunt perforation teeth) are not regarded as defective.

3. Miscellaneous

Forerunners and contemporary issues of independent areas (Danzig, Memel etc.) are marked with a signature and an appropriate handwritten addition. For mixed frankings with overprinted stamps of these areas as well as certain cancellations one should usually consult the expertiser in whose expertising area these issues fall.

4. Overview of marking

Attestation, findings as appropriate
BPP expertising mark
Type / colour marking such as Ix or IIa
without expertising mark
54 b 54 a54 b 54 a
56 b, c 56 a56 b, c 56 a
58-62 I58-62 I    
63 b63 c52-62   
64 II64 II    
66 I66 I63-6664-66 63 a
69 I69 I    
69 b 69 a69 b 69 a
70 a 70 b70 a 70 b
72 c, b72 c72 a72 b 72 a
78 Aa78 Aa78 Ab, B78 B 78 Ab
80 Ab, Bb80 Ab, Bb80 Aa, Ba80 Aa, Ba  
81 Aa, B81 Aa, B81 Ab81 Ab  
81 Z81 Z    
82 Z82 Z82 A  82 A
  82 B82 B 83 I
  83-93 I  84 I
85 I b  85 I b 85 I a
86 I c  86 I c 86 I a, b
86 I d86 I d    
87 I b, d  87 I b, d  
89 I y  89 I y 87 I a
     88 I
     89 I x
91 I y  91 I y 90 I
     91 I x
92 I b92 I b 92 I a  
     93 I
97 A I a97 A I a94-97 A I96-97 A I 94-95 A I
  84 II b84 II b84 II a84 II a
86 II d 85 II d, e85 II d, e85 II a85 II a
86 II e86 II e, g86 II f86 II d, f86 II a, c86 II a, c
  87 II a, c87 II c  
87 II b87 II b  87 II d87 II a, d
  88 II a88 II a88 II b88 II b
  89 II y89 II y89 II x89 II x
  90 II a90 II a90 II b90 II b
  91 II y91 II y91 II y91 II x
  92 II a, c92 II a, c92 II b92 II b
  93 II a93 II a93 II b93 II b
  94-97 A II94-97 A II  
95 B II b, c 94-97 B II  94-97 B II
96 A II     
96 W96 W 95 B II b, c  
97 M97 M96 B II b96 B II b  
   D1, 2, 7-14 

The lowest value stamps, which are marked only with the colour/type identification, are not expertised in regard to quality.

Features that go beyond the MICHEL special catalogue, such as for example post-dated postmarks, special postmarks, particular types of postmark, paper folds, perforation varieties and constant flaws identified in handbooks, will in the case of low values only be marked with simple colour / type designations in addition to the expertising mark of the expertiser and a corresponding handwritten note (the type identification remains unaffected, in accordance with the overview of marking). Such marking is at the discretion of the expertiser.